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  • Call for solidarity with abused women, farm workers in Ragusa, Italy

    Call for solidarity with abused women, farm workers in Ragusa, Italy

    [19 April 2017, Open Letter from EWL Romanian members]. In the Ragusa province, in Italy, thousands of Romanian women who work in greenhouses and fields suffer serious labour and sexual exploitation. These women are working as slaves, they are raped and blackmailed to have sex with the owners of the fields and greenhouses. They work 12 hours per day in extreme heat and with no water and are forced to live in degrading and unsanitary conditions, isolated. Their wages many times are not paid. (...) Read more

  • AGORA 2017: applications are OPEN!

    AGORA 2017: applications are OPEN!

    [Brussels 18 April 2017] At the European Women’s Lobby, we are looking for candidates to participate in AGORA, EWL’s Feminist Summer School, taking place in Brussels from 7 to 11 September 2017. AGORA brings together young feminists from across Europe to empower them to act and lead in a changing world. Through a 5-day participatory summer school, we create a space where young self-identified women (18-30) will have a chance to reflect, exchange ideas and support each other to become (...) Read more

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In 2015, the European Women’s Lobby undertook a groundbreaking study to better understand women-led social enterprise in Europe. Here’s what we learned.

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