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Criticial times - critical rights: Greek NGO coordination for EWL

(Athens, 29 March 2013) The Greek coordination of NGOs for the European Women’s Lobby held a conference on the effects of crisis on women’s rights and gender equality in Greece and in Europe. The speakers were MEPs, Ministers, Women’s NGOs and social partners. The conference took place in the offices of the European Parliament in Athens and the Greek Coordination made an official presentation of the EWL Report on Crisis, ’The Price of Austerity’.

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To put the reality of life in Greece today for women, we need just two numbers. One is 65% and the other is 22%. The unemployment levels for young Greek women has reached the stratospheric level of 65% - and for those Greek women of all ages who do manage to retain their jobs - the pay gap between their male counterparts is 22. This explosive situation is compounded by austerity measures that fragilize the existing support networks and infrastructure for women coping with the after-effects of violence against women.

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