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EPP Group in European Parliament to hold Public Hearing ‘Girls in Migration: Collateral victims or actors of a world in motion?’

[EPP Group, Brussels, 15 September 2011] Girls are increasingly migrating and will continue to do so. Around the globe and according to most recent official data , more than 10 million girls aged 10 to 19 are international migrants. More than a quarter of them live in Europe (including a million and a half in the European Union) and they account for at least 5 million individuals in developing countries. The immigration of girls has been rising steadily in the European Union now covering a broad range of migration categories (economic migration, family-related migration, irregular and/or forced migration, political or climate refugees, asylum seekers). EU Member States and partner countries authorities have little information and reliable data to measure the extent of the phenomenon. Migration policies which do not take either systematic or sufficient account of the size migrant population according to its age and gender invite questions about the status of these hidden faces of international migration. Migrant girls are finally beyond any doubt among the most vulnerable to human rights abuses—both as migrants and as girls. Their needs are urgent and require priority attention as their condition deserves recognition, their human rights, protection while their voices must be heard.


To understand how migration to the EU particularly affect girls from neighbouring countries and around the world. To emphasize the importance of policies which identify and address the specific vulnerabilities of girls in the migration processes while investing in their potential and defending their autonomy.

Expected outcome

  1. Increased understanding and awareness of the phenomenon in order to adjust policy, funding and EU interventions that can improve social condition, life and living standards of girls worldwide.
  2. Concrete recommendations for follow-up in the LIBE, AFET, DEVE and FEMM committees.

‘Girls in Migration: Collateral victims or actors of a world in motion?’

Wednesday, 21st September 2011
14:30 - 18:00 PM
Room ASP 3 E 2
European Parliament

Under the patronage of

  • Hon. Véronique MATHIEU, Member of the LIBE Committee (EPP, France)

In association with

  • Hon. Edith BAUER, EPP Coordinator in the FEMM Committee (EPP, Slovakia)
  • Hon. Tokia SAÏFI, Vice-President of the AFET Committee (EPP, France)
  • Hon. Eleni THEOCHAROUS, Member of the DEVE Committee (EPP, Cyprus)

Download the programme in English or French.

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