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EWL and Hungarian members prepare for conference on Roma women on 7 April in Budapest

[Brussels, 17 March 2011] The European Women’s Lobby and the Hungarian Women’s Lobby have the pleasure to invite you to a European conference on Roma women in Central and Eastern Europe that will take place in Budapest on 7th April 2011.

As Roma inclusion has become a priority at the European level in the recent years, we believe it is crucial that attention is paid to the specific situation of Romani women and that their interests and rights become part of the actions taken by decision-makers at the national and EU levels.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To highlight the need to have gender and the specific needs of Roma women at the heart of the implementation of the European Roma strategy that will be announced in June 2011;
  • To expose the main issues affecting Roma women and girls in Central and Eastern Europe and offer a platform for national and European decision-makers as well as Roma women’s organisations to discuss them.

Interpretation is provided.

Registration is until 4 April (at email: noierdek@noierdek.hu)


European Women’s Lobby and Hungarian Women’s Lobby
In cooperation with: SZIROM, Szikszói Roma N?k Egyesülete (Association of Roma Women of Szikszó), Színes Gyöngyök Délvidéki Roma N?k Egyesülete (Coloured Beads Association of Roma Women in Southern Hungary), Közéleti Roma N?k Egyesülete (Association of Roma Women in Public Life), Romani CRISS (Romania), Federation of Kalé, Sinti and Manouche Women, Center Amalipe (Bulgaria), National Roma Centrum (FYROM), Manuse-Slovo21 (Czech Republic), Kultúrne združenie Rómov Slovenska (Szlovákia), Asociación Gitana de Mujeres Drom Kotar Mestipen (Spain)

Please download the English version of the programme of our Roma Women conference on the 7 April in Budapest, and its Hungarian poster too. Please feel free to disseminate it widely.

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