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EWL calls for the integration of a gender dimension in the proposed measures to implement the anti-discrimination clause (article 13 of the EC Treaty) (August 2000)

In general terms, the European Women’s Lobby welcomes the proposed Community Action Programme to combat discrimination and directive establishing a general framework directive for equal treatment in employment and occupation. However, the EWL regrets that, despite its demands formulated several times , no clear gender dimension is integrated in the measures.

Integrating a gender dimension in the general European Anti-discrimination strategy and taking into account the issue of double / multiple discrimination faced by women
Among disabled people, older people and migrants people, to name just a few of the groups covered by article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty, the discrimination that women face is different from those faced by men.
Gender discrimination is of a structural nature affecting half of the population and not only a minority of people. Women are very often exposed to double or multiple discrimination, first as women and secondly due to their ethnic origin, their religion or belief, their disability, their age and/or their sexual orientation.


EWL position paper on Art13

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