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EWL deeply concerned about the discussion to limit access to abortion in Lithuania

[Brussels, 11 october 2017] The European Women’s Lobby, EWL, has sent a letter to the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Lithuanian Parliament and other relevant Lithuanian authorities expressing its deep concern about the legislative discussions in the Lithuanian Parliament to restrict access to abortion and maternal health. The Lithuanian Parliament is discussing a draft law registered in 2013 which proposes to restrict access to safe and legal abortion and which will have a direct detrimental impact on women’s rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights in the country.

In our letter, the EWL urges the Members of the Lithuanian Parliament to take urgent action to defeat this draft law, as it would have devastating consequences on women’s lives and health, in addition to depriving women of their fundamental human rights.

Find the EWL letter here:

EWL Letter for support Lithuania

Following the initiative of the #ALLofUS Pro-choice Coalition, over 90 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have also sent a letter to the Lithuanian authorities expressing their concern about the legislative debates to restrict access to safe and legal abortion. In their letter to leading politicians of Lithuania’s government & parliament, MEPs stress that laws banning abortion result in the "high prevalence of illegal abortions to which the women avail themselves in the absence of legal and safe options, thereby jeopardizing their health and life" and call on the Lithuanian government and the Parliament to bear in mind international human rights standards.

Find the MEPs letter to the Lithuanian authorities here and here.

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