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EWL dismayed by European Parliament’s rejection of MEP Ines Zuber’s annual report on gender equality 2012

[Brussels, 11 March 2013] The European Women’s Lobby is concerned about the fact that the European Parliament rejected MEP Ines Zuber’s annual report on gender equality 2012. This rejection is an alarming political sign to all women and girls in Europe, especially given that the economic and financial crisis and subsequent austerity measures are hitting women hard.

Violence against women in Europe is widespread and persistently high, as shown in the Fundamental Rights Agency’s survey of March 2014 and women are still outnumbered in policy and economic decision-making across Europe, whereas women who are effected by multiple discrimination fall out of the picture.

In this context, the EWL wants to send a strong message to all MEPs who voted against the annual report on gender equality 2012: in the 21st century, we won’t achieve equality between women and men if we are not committed to fully implementing the core fundamental values of the European Union which are enshrined both the in the Lisbon Treaty and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Ahead of the European elections, now is the time for the European Parliament to send democratic signals to European citizens and stand by its central values which include equality between women and men.
The EWL urges the MEPs who turn a blind eye on gender equality to take seriously the fundamental rights of more than half of the European population and to work on achieving gender equality. Ignoring the root causes of inequalities between women and men is deepening the gap rather than turning the EU into a fair, inclusive and equal Europe. This is what European citizens expect from their representatives.

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