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EWL hosts #Beijing20 Tweetathon launching Beijing+20 Global Campaign

[Brussels, 23 May 2014] Yesterday, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) took part to the Tweetathon organised by UN Women to launch their Beijing+20 Campaign, in the lead-up to the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the historic Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. A global all-day Tweetathon took place on Twitter on 22 May, with 14 time slots hosted by 14 different organisations, amongst which the EWL. The Tweetathon was a unique opportunity to engage in a global dialogue through social media, with NGOs from all over the world, such as Kenya, Egypt, Mexico or the USA (see the Tweetathon planning here).

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The role of the EWL was to moderate a discussion on women’s economic independence, by asking some questions and providing background information, such as EWL publications and tools. Below are the issues raised by the EWL, with comments and answers from some of its members (Czech Women’s Lobby, CELEM from Spain, European Network of Migrant Women, etc.), EU institutions and activists from different countries. You can find below a print-screen of the Twitter conversation.

  • Q1: a global strategy for women’s economic empowerment? #Beijing20 #EuropeanWomensVoice @UN_Women @EU_Commission
  • Q2: austerity measures impact negatively on women, watch our clip http://tinyurl.com/kbl2nyk What about your country? #Beijing20
  • Q3: We need equal pension rights for all women, you agree? http://tinyurl.com/nebtks5 #Beijing20 #EuropeanWomensVoice
  • Q4: equal earners, equal carers? We believe it’s key to the realisation of #genderequality, do you agree? #Beijing20 @EU_Social
  • Q5: 20 years of #Beijing20, 67 years of gender pay gap in #Europe. What solutions?
  • Q6: #violenceagainstwomen embeds on women’s economic independence, agree with comprehensive strategies? #Beijing20

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UN Women’s Beijing+20 Campaign is called “Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Picture It!” and consists of a year of activities around the world which will aim to mobilise governments and citizens alike to picture a world where gender equality is a reality and to join a global conversation on empowering women to empower humanity. Watch the video below and find out more here, including the press release launching the Campaign.


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