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EWL on the Belgian TV speaking about the case of pimp Dodo La Saumure

[Brussels 20 September 2013] The case of the pimp called ’Dodo la Saumure’ has gripped Belgium, with the person at the centre of the case requesting that his human rights be respected. On Thursday 19 September, he was interviewed to defend his case, pretexting that the absence of strong Belgian policy against pimping should be an argument to not convict him. EWL Policy Officer Pierrette Pape has been interviewed to react to his words, and spoke on the RTBF news on Thursday evening.

Should you wish to follow the arguments presented by EWL Policy Officer and Project Coordinator Pierrette Pape, you can watch the interview online here.

Today, the Belgian court has confirmed the conviction of Dodo la Saumure as a pimp. Read the Belgian news here.

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