European Women’s Voice - Autumn 2011: ‘The other half of gender: feminism and men’s role in achieving equality’ (December 2011)

[Brussels, 23 December 2011] In October 2011, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) organised an inaugural seminar on the topic of men and feminism, which provided a forum for reflection on masculinities, anti-feminism, initiatives of feminist men and equality policies involving men. The aim of the seminar was to update ourselves on current thinking and action concerning men’s role in the struggle for gender equality, and to consider how we can work together to bring about a society founded upon feminist values.

This second edition of the European Women’s Voice, ‘The other half of gender: feminism and men’s role in achieving equality’, brings together the contributions of the speakers at the seminar and of other committed experts. We would like to thank them warmly for their expertise, availability and efforts. We have tried to make this publication enriching and interesting. For us, the issues raised inform our work for equality between women and men and the promotion of women’s rights in Europe. We hope you enjoy the articles within and that they provide stimulus for further discussion!

The seminar couldn’t have taken place without the support of the Institut pour l’Egalité des Femmes et des Hommes (Belgium) and Vleva, the liaison agency for Flanders-Europe. We thank them for their help.

ewv autumn 2011 final

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