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Luxembourg: EWL members push for 50/50

(Brussels 02 October) The European Women’s Lobby’s Luxembourgish coordinators have launched two appeals to raise the issue of parity of representation to the electorate ahead of the upcoming national elections.

The National Women’s Council of Luxembourg draws attention to the fact that there are currently only 13 female deputies, "and parity in the organs of power opens constructive debates".

The vote fifty-fifty flyer shows exactly how many women versus how many men currently sit in the Chamber of Deputies.

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As part of its campaign to vote for balanced representation between women and men in national parliament (The Chamber of Deputies), and in alliance with the 50/50 campaign of the European Women’s Lobby, the National Council Women of Luxembourg has underlined their appeal to voters to vote for women by advertising action in front of the national Parliament building . The NCLW created a series of photos where the current female proportion among the 60 members of Parliament - 13 - Members of Parliament are women (21.6%). The second photo shows the parity among parliamentary members, a key goal to achieve parity democracy !

Luxembourg is still far from equal representation in decision-making. In the Gender Equality Index European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), Luxembourg is poorly positioned in the field of economic and political decision- making. The country is even the penultimate of all European countries. (http://eige.europa.eu/content/gender-equality-index#/country/LU)
The NCLW wants to change this situation and invites voters : Do not hesitate! Vote for Women !

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