Olga Franczak - Membership & Governance Assistant

Olga Franczak - Membership & Governance Assistant

Twitter: @OlgaFranczak

Olga holds a Master’s Degree in Law from University of Wroclaw (Poland). Her master’s thesis focuses on the state’s legal obligation to eradicate gender stereotypes. During her studies she participated in various courses linked to feminist issues (Human Rights Protection Systems, European law, Public International Law). She was a member of The European Law Students Association (Seminars & Conferences).

For five years Olga has been involved with a Polish feminist NGO – the Women’s Rights Centre in Wroclaw which is helping victims of domestic violence. As a “fist contact” person she was providing women with help and support. Olga was responsible for external communication on social media, as well as during debates, seminars etc. She was also took part in organizing events on feminist issues e.g. trainings, movie screenings.

She spent the summer 2015 as a part of a volunteering programme at Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore (India). Olga is a guest contributor forthe European Young Feminist blog.

Olga’s main areas of interest are gender stereotyping, the image of women in media, and violence against women.

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