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New figures from Ireland show gendered and structural nature of sexual violence

According to statistics on sexual violence released by the Rape Crisis Network Ireland:

  • 85.2% of all victims are female.
  • 95.7% of perpetrators are male.
  • The majority (60.7%) of sexual violence victims are children. 30.4% experience sexual violence as adults only and a further 8.9% suffer violence as both children and adults.
  • For women, the risk of sexual violence does not decrease as much as for men with age. 84% of male victims experience sexual violence as children only. For females, 33.4% suffer from sexual violence as adults only and another 10% suffer as both children and adults.
  • Women are more likely to experience more severe forms of sexual violence. 58.9% of female victims are raped and 38.6% experience sexual assault. For men and boys the figures are reversed, with 57.1% reporting sexual assault and 38.6% rape.

Download the full report:

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