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Promoting gender equality in economic policies

EWL adds a gender perspective to the Country Specific Recommendations in relation to stability, growth and jobs

[Brussels, 14 June 2012] In the framework of the EWL’s work to gender the economic policy coordination in Europe, the organisation has joined forces with the European Greens/EFA Group, trade unions and other NGO’s to advocate a strong gender perspective in this year’s Country Specific Recommendations.

As a key part of the so-called European Semester process, the Recommendations are one of the Commission’s tools to directly influence how employment and other important socio-economic policies develop in the individual Member States. There are recommendations for Member State action on issues in relation to stability, growth and jobs -nall areas which directly or indirectly impact on women and men’s daily lives.

As all EU level policy debate on these issues is currently overshadowed by the European recession and the need for short term austerity measures, civil society action is urgently needed. At a time of strategic importance for the future of the European Social Model, the EWL asserts that it is paramount that the direction taken is guided by a long term vision: a life-cycle perspective on the needs of women and men in the EU.

Noting the lack of a strong gender equality perspective and that the recommendations could indeed have an adverse effect on gender equality both on short and long term (see also EWL article from 1 June here), the EWL has taken action together with an alliance of European actors.

As a response to the Country Specific Recommendations, the EWL, together with the European Greens/EFA Group, trade unions and other NGO’s, will propose an alternative to short term austerity measures blooming across Europe.

In the past weeks the EWL’s national member organisations have submitted alternative recommendations with concrete gender equality measures for adoption. The EWL’s recommendations will be part of the Alternative Recommendations presented at a high profile event in the European Parliament on 27 June. Under the tag line ‘Alternatives to Austerity’ The event ‘Kickstart Social Europe’ will launch concrete proposals to EU decision makers on how to create prosperity and jobs without hitting the people most at risk.

Further info:

The European Commission published the Country Specific Recommendations on 30 May and they will be formally adopted by the Council in the beginning fo July.

  • Link to the European Commission’s Country Specific Recommendations here.
  • Link to the event ’Kickstart Social Europe’ here.

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