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Rethinking Protection, Power and Movements

[Brussels 18 January 2018] The EWL warmly recommends Rethinking Protection, Power, and Movements: lessons from women human rights defenders in Mesoamerica, a publication by the international feminist organisation
JASS (Just Associates).

The report brings a feminist and social movement perspective to the urgent question of why—despite advances in legal and institutional protections—women activists and their organizations are more at risk than ever. Faced with increasing violence against human rights defenders and broader political repression, many in the human rights field are seeing the need to revisit assumptions and strategies related to activist protection and safety.

Rethinking Protection, Power, and Movements is a vital contribution to the emerging conversation about the shifting dynamics of power and protection. Drawing on years of ongoing work with women human rights defenders in Mesoamerica, JASS seeks to shed light on the reality experienced by women activists and deepen our collective understanding of feminist and community-based strategies for safety.

You will find more detail and a set of recommendations inside the report. Together with JASS we hope Rethinking Protection, Power, and Movements sparks further discussion and collective reflection on these important questions.

Find the publication here in PDF

This publication is part of Making Change Happen, which offers a series of articles and JASS publications that describe and analyse key aspects of how social change happens to advance women’s rights, including discussions on power dynamics and strategy. 

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