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Run for women’s rights - Join the EWL team for the 20km of Brussels!

[Brussels, 10 February 2012, updated 17 February] 20 km of Brussels is one of the most awaited events in Brussels of which everyone wants to be part of, and this year the European Women’s Lobby will be there! We would love you to join the EWL team and run the 20 kilometers for women’s rights with us on 27 May. No need to be an athlete to have fun and support a good cause!

Run for women’s rights! Be part of HER story!

By running and raising awareness and funds for us, you will help us to promote equality between men and women within Europe and worldwide.

Determined? It is very easy to register and run the 20 kilometers of Brussels for the EWL! Click here.

Done? Send us a sporty picture of yourself with your motivations (no worries a few lines are enough) so we can advertise your run and help you raising money for the EWL! You need tips for raising money? Click here.

You don’t want to run but you want to support the team? No problem! Make a bank transfer to the EWL’s account with the mention “20kilometers” (Banque de la Poste, IBAN: BE 96000017198605, BIC: BPOTBEB1).

These people are running for us:

“I have run the 20 kilometers of Brussels last year for the first time and it was an amazing experience to run in Brussels with 30000 people and to be supported by the people in the streets. However I realized there were fewer women running than men and I was proud to be there as a woman. I want to show that women can run as well and more importantly that they can run for a good cause: equality between women and men in Europe!”
Cécile Gréboval - EWL Secretary General

“I have been planning to run the 20km of Brussels for several times now, but I have never had the guts to register. Knowing that this time I will run for gender equality in Europe and for the future of all those groups of women whose rights the EWL upholds is the motivation I need to train and do the run. Running for women’s right together with inspiring women – and hopefully men, too – will be one of the highlights of the spring!”
Anna Elomäki - EWL Communications and Media Officer

"I am the fundraiser and policy officer of the EWL and for me it is extremely motivating to run in a group and to master the challenge of 20 km run together. I am already looking forward to run with so many others who are supporting our work who are investing in HER story in women’s rights for an equal world. The idea to do sports for my well-being and to have fun but also to run for a good cause will be high fun.
I am happy to take part in HER story and to do my bit of contribution for women’s rights."
Serap Altinisik - EWL Fundraiser and Policy Officer

“I would love to run for EWL to promote our work and have a good experience with my colleagues. I am also motivated by the running practice that leads up to it. It is great to have a goal with your exercise.”
Signe Norgaard - EWL intern in employment and social policies

“When I was in high-school I used to run a lot but when I started going to university I could not find or take the time to train anymore. Running the 20 kilometers of Brussels with the EWL’s team is the best occasion and motivation to start running again. I like the challenge it represents and the idea that I am running for a cause I am committed to: equality between women and men.”
Anna Godard - EWL Intern in communications and fundraising

“I wanted to run the 20km of Brussels and for the first time I was looking for a nice, dynamic and meaningful team, which is the reason why I chose to run with the EWL. Moreover the EWL will take care of the registration, which is very convenient!” Marc G, Brussels

For more information about the 20 kilometers of Brussels click here.

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