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Sexual Rights (January 2005)

Women’s sexual rights include the right to control their sexuality and the provision of sexual and reproductive health-related services. They include reproductive rights where the number and spacing of children can be chosen in a free, responsible and informed way.

Today, these rights must be defended as they concern not only women’s health, but also their dignity and freedom. In this way, women’s sexuality is not solely associated with issues of responsibility or risks concerning reproduction. Sexual activity is above all an integral part of a woman’s life, of her private life and sexual enjoyment thereof. Women’s sexual rights recognise the right to sexual well being and the freedom of choice concerning partner(s), sexual orientation, sexual preferences and the choice of each woman whether or not to have sexual relations.

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) promotes equal rights for a wide range of women. Women must not be put into a category depending on their sexual orientation, abilities or disabilities, their social and/or ethnic groups, which is imposed on them and which restricts their choices and independence in this case their sexuality and reproductive rights.


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