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Short film competition: "Europe at heart" - What does Europe mean to you?

(Brussels 23 August) , Helga Trüpel (German MEP for the Alliance ’90/The Greens) and Rui Tavares (Portugese independent member of the Greens) have launched a short film competition, where young people are invited to submit ideas about their stories about Europe. These ideas will be submitted to a jury, and if successful, applicants will be awarded the budget to produce their film. Jury members include film makers from all over Europe, the production company Independent Artists, and filmmaker Feo Aladag of "Die Fremde".

ab 2308 whatdoeseuropemeanWhat is going on with the European project? Whereas a lot of Europeans feel at lost and in distress regarding the EU, many outsiders still see Europe as a place of refuge and longing. New hopes alternate with feelings of despair among many in the European Union. New and old cleavages between North and South are opening up. Is the project threatened? Can it reinvent itself?

We invite YOU to send us your idea of a short film that expresses your awareness of life in Europe and your attitude towards Europe. Show us your point of view on the current political and economic situation and express your hopes about the direction Europe should move towards – between globalization and our “European home”, between cultural diversity, a clear focus on human rights, but also new racist movements, between educational opportunities and exclusion, between exploring own abilities in undreamed-of possibilities and new poverty.

Show us your young views of the old continent, your approach, your contribution to Europe’s self-reflection and your ideas. We want criticism and new energy, we do not want propaganda, but a fresh regard. Send us your moving and touching images of Europe’s past, present and future!

Get your idea reviewed by experienced filmmakers, realize it with a generous budget and find your short film in the final film “Europe at heart”. Besides you can win great filming equipment. So go ahead, read the competition rules and get started! We want to know:

What does Europe mean to YOU?

Out of the produced short films the plan is to produce a film of about 15 minutes which will draw a wide and modern picture of Europe - what is good, what is bad, what people are happy about and what people are afraid of in Europe. For the project to succeed, we need people from many different parts of Europe to take part in the competition.

Please disseminate the information about this competition as widely as possible to get as many people involved as possible.

Terms and conditions are available here

A declaration must also be submitted with your application, available here.

The competition website is

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