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Sweden - EWL members condemn surrogacy as a form of exploitation of women’s bodies and reproductive organs

[Brussels, 04 April 2011] On 27 March, EWL member organisation the Swedish Women’s Lobby issued a Statement in support of EU action to fight violence against women. On this occasion, the General Assembly of the Swedish Women’s Lobby also condemned the increasing popularity of surrogacy as a violation of women’s reproductive rights. Read the Statement below.

Statement from Swedish Women’s Lobby’s General Assembly, 27 March 2011

We the participates of the General Assembly state our support for
EU policy framework to fight violence against women which was passed in the Committee of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality – European Parliament on March the 15. Swedish Women’s Lobby also support the demand for a special directive on Fighting violence against women where prostitution is regarded as one form of violence against women and where surrogacy is regarded as a serious problem regarding women’s reproductive rights .

Swedish Women’s Lobby state our strong support for the opinion that surrogacy is regarded as exploitation of women’s bodies and reproductive organs. Swedish Women’s Lobby regards surrogacy as trafficking in women and children.

Surrogacy means that women’s rights are negotiated (denied) while the right of the paying mothers and fathers and especially the right of the biological father are guaranteed.

Download the original Statement and list of signatories:


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