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The Future of Europe

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) welcomes the initiative of the European Council to convene a Convention to reflect on the key issues for the future of Europe and to launch a public debate with civil society.

The EWL reiterates its deep regret concerning the unequal representation of women and men in the composition of the Convention and reaffirms its demands for parity democracy in all EU institutions and bodies.

In raising some fundamental questions in the Laeken Declaration as a basis for the debate on the future of Europe, European governments are looking for ways to combine efficiency, democracy, transparency and simplification for a Europe that is closer to its citizens.

Equality of women and men is already defined in the Treaty as an objective of the Community and its Member States, but the EWL believes that in building an inclusive and fair Europe, equality for women and men and the promotion of human rights must be strengthened as absolute pre-requisites. A further European integration cannot be foreseen unless the population as a whole, including women who constitute half of it, fully participate in its construction. This basic principle must find its reflection in the new Treaty in order to help build a democratic and transparent European Union, which addresses the interests and rights of women and men alike.


EWL Position paper on the future of Europe

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