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Time to gear up ahead of the European elections!

[Brussels, 23 April 2014] In four weeks European voters will elect a new European Parliament (EP) and will give a sign what kind of Europe they wish. If you want that women’s rights high on the agenda in the coming five years, take part and join the 5050 campaign.

The European Women’s Lobby with its 5050 campaignNo Modern European Democracy without Gender Equality” ahead of the elections is drawing attention to the under representation of women in policy decision-making positions across Europe.

We are asking women and men to take the opportunity of the European elections to vote for candidates who are eager to ensure gender equality at all levels in the EU. It is about democracy and fairness to include the demands and wishes of the whole of the society into decisions which have an impact on all - on women and men, girls and boys. A Europe without a gender lens is a Europe which leaves more than 50% of its citizens aside!

Women are still seriously underrepresented in political decision-making in all Member States and in European Union institutions. Only 35% of members of European Parliament and just 24% of members of National Parliaments are women. And only three out of 14 European Parliament Vice Presidents are women. Furthermore, currently 33% of members of the European Commission are women and the President of the Commission (Jose Manuel Barroso) is a man. While the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security (Lady Catherine Ashton) is a woman, the President of the Council (Herman Van Rompuy) is a man too.

How can you act and ensure that women’s rights are high on the political agenda in the EU?

• You can sign and disseminate the Joint declaration with the demands of the European Women’s Lobby to ensure parity at all EU institutions to all your friends, relatives, colleagues and networks.

• You can forward this article to all your friends and your networks and ask them to take part at the 5050 campaign through its different elements.

• You can take a picture of yourself and send it to to publish it on all EWL media channels.
See how our members are supporting with pictures.

• You can use your picture on your own social media channels as a sign of your support of women’s rights and gender equality ahead of the EU elections. The hashtag is #5050campaign and #EP2014

• You can ask your friends and networks to vote at the European elections for candidates that are in favour of women’s rights and gender equality.

• You can be an ambassador for gender equality by talking about the 5050 campaign and the importance to take part as voters at the European elections to ensure that decisions are not made without taking into consideration women’ perspectives.

If you have any further questions or ideas how to raise more awareness on the 5050campaign, please let us know and write an email to:

Serap Altinisik (Coordinator of the 5050 campaign) -

or to

Gina Horst (Policy Assistant)

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