Towards a common European framework to monitor progress in combating violence against women (2001)

ewl 2002 towards common european framework

This report was produced with the input of the collective experience of the EWL Observatory on Violence against Women experts. The aim of the publication is to provide a resource to establish a framework to monitor progress on combating male violence against women in the European Union, with the specific objective of, on the one hand, ascertaining what progress has been made in addressing violence against women at national and European level and, on the other hand, monitoring the outcomes of measures and policies. A set of indicators are proposed in different areas of policy and practice which can be used to measure the extent to which (a) governments and service providers (including NGOs) are meeting their commitments to addressing violence against women, (b) what specific actions and policies are being put in place and, (c) how these are being monitored and assessed to ensure that they meet the needs of women seeking protection, reparation and responses relating to all forms of male violence against them. The second part of the Guide contains models of good practice in the form of case studies. These case studies serve to demonstrate that good practice is being carried out from which a set of characteristics is proposed on how to define a “good practice”.

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