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FEM21 - 21st Century Feminist (2010)

The EWL@20 Anniversary Magazine

Posté le 25 octobre 2010

PDF - 4 Mo

On the ocasion of its 20th anniversary, the EWL has released a magazine exploring the meaning of feminism in the 21st Century. With a wide variety of contributions addressing a range of topical issues, this magazine makes a fascinating read.


The European Women Lobby : 20 years of Feminist Activism
I’m not a feminist, but..., by Gaby Hinsliff
The ‘New Feminists’ : interview with Kat Banyard
Letter : Living Feminism as a Young 21st Century Woman
If you’re despairing at getting into the ‘old boys’ network’, put on a beard !
Love your Body ! Susie Orbach on the importance of self-esteem
From Women on Waves to Women on Web : Rebecca Gomperts on the right to abortion
Helping Young Women Reach the Top : Mentoring Programmes
Women : Voters, Tax-Payers… Decision-Makers ???
Dealing with Sexual Harassment : What to Do ?
Surviving Prostitution : Angel K’s blog
Domestic violence in poetry and song
Girls, boys and stereotypes
Motherhood and Disability, by the European Disability Forum
Interview with Eve Ensler. Playwright, performer and founder/artistic director of V-day
Women in European Society : Some Facts and Figures
EWL Photo Competition - My World. Visions of Feminism in the 21st Century
Letter : Time to Put Paid to the Gender Pay Gap
Valuing Women’s Work : Outside the home, inside the home, and the importance of choice
MAMY ROCK ; the Matriarch DJ
Homeless Women : Stories of flight and survival
Equal Rights, Equal Voices : Migrant women in the EU
Portrait of a Romani Woman, by Crina
Multiple Discrimination, Lesbian and Trans Women, by ILGA Europe
Interview with Laura Leprince. IT consultant, father and feminist activist
Short Story : Sevinç, by Lubomira Tchavdarova
Alex’s day off
Dear Men : Take the Feminist Challenge !
Interview with Miguel Lorente. Feminist and expert on gender-based violence
Crossword puzzle
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Please click on the image to download the magazine.

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