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Interesting to read & watch

on 10 April 2015 | 0comment

Interesting to read & watch

Interview avec notre Présidente Viviane Teitelbaum sur la RTBF - télévision belge. "Le ventre d’une femme n’appartient pas à l’Église"

Development Commissioner Neven Mimica said that he would be the most vocal defender of gender equality in his work on Thursday (26 March), two days after he returned from a global forum in Addis Ababa dedicated to the role of women in politics. Euractiv read more here Building a feminist internet How does ensuring the safety of women online help break down (...)

Fundamental rights in the EU: Where to next?

"European institutions must not forget their responsibility to uphold fundamental rights"

Posted by Jaimie Just on 8 April 2015 | 0comment

Fundamental rights in the EU: Where to next?

[Brussels, 2 April 2015] The nomination – for the first time – of a Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of fundamental rights gave rise to high expectations among citizens and human rights organisations in the European Union. It triggered hopes that the European Union would finally make the respect of fundamental rights enshrined in the EU treaties a priority, not just outside the European Union but also within its borders. We hope the European Commission will live up to (...)

EU Alliance for a Democratic, Social and Sustainable European Semester calls for the European Investment Package to be used to meet the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy

Posted by Clémence Neyrat on 20 March 2015 | 0comment

EU Alliance for a Democratic, Social and Sustainable European Semester calls for the European Investment Package to be used to meet the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy

[Brussels 17 March 2015] The EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester calls for the European Fund for Strategic Investment – EFSI - (the so-called Investment Package) to focus on achieving the Europe 2020 targets, which include a reduction of poverty, a 75% employment rate for women and men by 2020, reduction in school-drop out, increase in energy efficiency and more investment in Research and Development.

The Alliance notes that the potential of the Europe (...)

Interesting to read & watch

on 16 March 2015 | 0comment

Interesting to read & watch

MEPs’ last attempt to save maternity leave extension Article on - Monday 16 March 2015

"MEPs are working around the clock to break the seven-year impasse on extending maternity leave, after European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said he would withdraw the proposed law within six months if the deadlock between Parliament and EU ministers was not broken."

EU needs wake-up call on gender equality Parliament Magazine, Tuesday 10 March 2015 Women and girls (...)

Ruchira Gupta awarded ’Woman of Distinction’ by the NGO CSW/NY Committee

Posted by Pierrette Pape on 14 March 2015 | 0comment

Ruchira Gupta awarded 'Woman of Distinction' by the NGO CSW/NY Committee

[New York, 8 March 2015] On International Women’s Day, the NGO CSW/NY Committee awarded Ruchira Gupta as the ’Woman of Distinction 2015’. The European Women’s Lobby congratulates the NGO CSW/NY for this choice, as Ruchira Gupta, founder of Apne Aap, is a great partner of the EWL is its work on ending sex trafficking and violence against women, and raising awareness on the inherent violence and harm of the system of prostitution on all women. Watch an extract from her speech below.

The NGO (...)

Take Responsibility for Wartime Crimes of Sexual Slavery and Human Trafficking: Remember the "Comfort Women"

Peition by Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW)

on 27 February 2015 | 0comment

Take Responsibility for Wartime Crimes of Sexual Slavery and Human Trafficking: Remember the "Comfort Women"

[Petition of our colleagues at CATW] Prior to and during World War II, Japan’s Imperial Army established a system of brothels in its zones of combat specifically designed for military use, called "comfort stations." Women and girls as young as 13 years old were enticed, kidnapped or coerced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military and its designated agents. Historians estimate that as many as 200,000 women and girls throughout Asia and the Pacific, the majority from Korea, were (...)

Interesting to read & watch

on 13 February 2015 | 0comment

Interesting to read & watch

* Afghan women protest at absence of female ministers in new cabinet

"Women take to the streets of Kabul after pre-election promises of fair gender representation fail to materialise in ministerial appointments." The Guardian - Read the article here

* Des militants réclament la pénalisation des "prostitueurs"

"Alors que Dominique Strauss-Kahn est entendu mardi 10 février 2015 et ce jusqu’à jeudi au palais de justice de Lille dans le cadre du procès de proxénétisme du Carlton, une dizaine de (...)

Interesting articles

on 30 January 2015 | 0comment

Interesting articles

The Cost Of Inequality In Women’s Work by Nuria Molina, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns at ActionAid UK.

It’s that Davos time of the year, when a bunch of powerful men gather in a luxurious Swiss ski resort to re-assure the 99% that the global economy is in good hands. Read more

Georgieva to push for 40% women in Commission’s top positions - article in Euractiv

In a move to bring more gender balance to EU institutions, the European Commissioner in charge of budget and human (...)

Press release: MEPs call Council to step up actions to improve gender balance on company boards

Posted by Jessica Machacova on 14 January 2015 | 0comment

Press release: MEPs call Council to step up actions to improve gender balance on company boards

[Press release, 14 January 2014] “Over 60% of university graduates are female, but only 18.6% of board members of largest listed companies are women. That is clear sign that concrete measures need to be taken to remedy the situation”, said the representative of incoming Latvian Presidency, Zanda Kalnina-Lukaševica in a debate with MEPs on women on company boards on Tuesday evening. “Major step on the road to effective gender equality need to be made and the adoption of women on board’s (...)

The European Roma and Travellers Forum recruits National Roma Women Contact Points !

Posted by Jessica Machacova on 22 December 2014 | 0comment

The European Roma and Travellers Forum recruits National Roma Women Contact Points !

[Brussels, 22 December 2014] The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF), the International Roma Women’s Network (IRWN) and Phenjalipe, the Informal Network of Romani Women are calling for applications from Romani women from the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Sweden to act as National Roma Women Contact Point for the project “Making Roma Women’s Voices and Votes Count”, implemented with the support of the Ministry for Foreign A-airs of Finland.


The full and equitable (...)

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