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Posted on 12 December 2013

€3 + postage

EWL ring, different colours
€5 // 5 for €20 + postage

EWL mug
€10 // 2 for €15 + postage

€10 + postage

DVD ‘Not for Sale’ by Marie Vermeiren The engaging documentary ’Not for Sale’ challenges traditional views and myths on prostitution. It includes interviews with survivors of trafficking, exploitation and prostitution: women sharing their life experiences and demanding governmental action and responsibility. ’Not for Sale’ was directed by Marie Vermeiren and produced by the joint CATW-EWL project on trafficking of women for sexual exploitation.
€10 + postage

DVD ‘This is my home now’ by Saddie Choua This film follows the stories of three women of migrant background living in Europe. While struggling for their equal rights, these women, like so many others, enrich their host communities in myriad ways. The stories break from stereotypes of migrant women and give a face and a voice to the increasing number of women of migrant background in Europe.Produced by the EWL and the ENoMW. Watch the trailer
€10 + postage

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