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A membership-based organisation with democratic and transparent procedures, the EWL works closely with the European Union, Council of Europe and United Nations, to ensure the representation of the full diversity of European women in particular at the European level, and the promotion of their equal interests.



Posted on 11 June 2010

The European Women’s Lobby works through democratic and transparent procedures to represent the diversity of European women at the European and international level.


The EWL conducts lobbying activities in all areas of interest to women, taking into consideration the European-level political agenda. The guiding principle behind the EWL’s work is the realisation of equality for all women and men. The EWL also monitors the use of gender mainstreaming, which implies incorporating the needs and perspectives of women into all issues. This strategy has broadened the scope of its projects and lobbying activities considerably. The EWL is also active in areas which have not traditionally been considered ‘women’s issues’ and attempts to exert pressure in regards to all texts and programmes with an influence on women’s lives.

Policy and advocacy work

The EWL works every day on content work following the European political agenda and working on specific topics with concern to women’s rights . Thereby, the EWL writes Position Papers, policy documents agreed by the members, and other kinds of contributions and statements in order to affect policy and legislation in and beyond the EU.


The EWL conducts, coordinates and supports trans-national projects related to women’s rights focusing on different areas of concern.

Information-related activities

A large part of the EWL’s work relates to communication and information exchange. The first priority in this area is to provide the necessary information to the member organisations of the EWL, but due to the complexity of the European institutions, policies and decision-making , the EWL’s information-related activities have had to expand considerably over recent years. The main communication tools are:

  • The weekly Newsletter providing updates on news, appeals for action, opportunities, events and new resources.
  • The quarterley ’Women’s Voice’ providing in-depth analysis on topical matters.
  • The EWL website with regularly updated information about the organisation and its activities.
  • Calls for lobbying actions. The EWL regularly sends out calls for lobbying actions in its different areas of work to members and interested individuals. Those calls usually consist of a briefing and a model lobbying letter to be sent to relevant decision-makers as indicated.
  • Press releases. The EWL regularly issues press releases on important issues related to gender equality or about EWL actions.
  • Requests for information and group visits. Many groups and researchers from around the world visit the EWL, which also responds to dozens of requests for information every month.
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