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Find out here about all calls to action initiated by the EWL, its members and partners, and how you can get involved right now and make a difference!


EQUALITY NOW urges to take action for a women UN Secretary-General!

Posted on 29 April 2015

EQUALITY NOW urges to take action for a women UN Secretary-General!

[Brussels, 29th April] EQUALITY NOW, working to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world, explains:

“The United Nations shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men and women to participate in any capacity and under conditions of equality in its principal and subsidiary organs.” (Charter of the United Nations, Article 8)

The United Nations (UN), an organization grounded in the principle of respect for equal rights and with a self-prescribed goal of achieving gender equality, “particularly at the Professional level,” has never seriously considered a woman for its top post of UN Secretary-General. Though the post has historically rotated to ensure that every geographical region gets a “turn,” thousands of more than qualified women from all over the world have never had a chance at a “turn.”

On 27 April discussions will begin on the nomination process for next years’ election, a process that is overseen by the UN Security Council and which has been shrouded in secrecy and confusion since 1945. Without women’s equal access to positions of decision-making power and a clear process to get there, gender equality, global security and peace will never be realized.

Right now, there is an opportunity to change this. Help us make equality reality at the highest global levels. Join our campaign for a woman UN Secretary-General in 2016 and help spread the word: it is past #TimeforaWomanSG to lead the UN!


For more information

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SAVE THE DATE - European Women’s Lobby 25 years celebration - 29.05.2015

Posted on 10 April 2015

SAVE THE DATE - European Women's Lobby 25 years celebration - 29.05.2015

[Brussels 10 April, 2015] In 1990 the European Women’s Lobby was created in response to a growing awareness of the need to defend women’s interests at European level. So this year we celebrate 25 years of feminist action and activism all over Europe! On May 29, 2015 you are invited to join EWL’s members in Brussels for debate, music and celebrations! More info soon!

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Take the #WEstart survey on women’s social entrepreneurship!

Posted on 9 April 2015

Take the #WEstart survey on women's social entrepreneurship!

This survey is a key component of the EWL’s ‪#‎WEstart‬ project, a year-long, first of its kind research project that looks at the state of women’s social entrepreneurship in 10 countries in Europe.

Your feedback will help the EWL ensure that national & EU level policy makers understand more about women’s social entrepreneurship, in order to better support women social entrepreneurs throughout Europe (AND you can win a trip to Brussels!) The survey will available in other languages in the coming weeks!

Also available in French and Italian!

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Petition: Say NO to sexist ads!

Posted on 14 March 2015

Petition: Say NO to sexist ads!

[March 2015] For International Women’s Day, WECAMS (Women’s European Coalition Against Media Sexism) issues a petition asking the European Union to strengthen its laws against sexism in the media in line with the views of the European Parliament ( 2008/2038; 2010/1751; 2012/2116) and treat sexism in the same way as racism or xenophobia.

The media have a great responsibility in promoting equality between women and men. For too long, the representations of women have been misused by the media advertising; we continue, as people working for equality, to fight against stereotypes. More and more often and louder, we say NO to sexist advertising!

• We reject these images that reduce women’s bodies into their body partyand constantly talk about their sexuality without any relevance to the product.

• We can not accept that more than half of the European population is expected to lack confidence and possibly suffer eating disorders to comply with an arbitrary ideal, manufactured by advertising pressure.

We say it out loud: NO to sexist adverts!

Sign the petition here.

In Italian here. In French here.

#NoToSexistAdverts #nonalapublicitesexiste

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Play the Feminist Austerity Game

Posted on 13 February 2015

Play the Feminist Austerity Game

The board game!

Instructions and question.

Read the whole publication here:

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343 European women demand legalisation of ‪abortion‬ in Europe!

Posted on 6 January 2015

343 European women demand legalisation of ‪abortion‬ in Europe!

[Brussels, 06 January 2015] On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the law legalising abortion in France, the French member of the European Women’s Lobby, la Coordination française pour le Lobby Européen des Femmes launched a petition to collect signatures of 343 women demanding legalisation of abortion in Europe by 17 January 2015.

343 European women demanding to legalize abortion in Europe!

We are looking for 343 women from all over Europe to sign the following text, to be printed in French Press in January at the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the abortion law in France. We will be demanding Abortion to be legal for all women in Europe.

We claim abortion as a fundamental right!

We are the future. We are the present. We are half of humanity. And we have had abortions in 2014.

There are hundreds of millions of us throughout the World for more years than one can tell.

We have done this because we chose to, were obliged to or were under pressure.

We uphold the right to abortion. We want access to contraception for everybody.

We want legal and medical safety. We claim abortion as a fundamental right.

We are not alone ; there are millions of us. And we are the future.

Sign the petition here.

Other links:

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Join our Beijing+20 activities all year long in 2015!

Posted on 11 December 2014

Join our Beijing+20 activities all year long in 2015!

[Brussels, 11 December 2014] 2015 will be a very special year for the European Women’s Lobby (EWL): we will celebrate our 25th anniversary and commemorate the 20 years of the Beijing Platform for action. We have already planned a series of activities to raise awareness on women’s rights all year long, and to celebrate 25 years of activism and change making!

Each month, according to our unique and exciting 2015 calendar, we will focus on one of the 12 critical areas of the Beijing Platform for Action: you will get our factsheet dedicated to the issue, which also shows EWL successes over the last years. The factsheet is part of EWL Beijing+20 report ’From words to action’, and is a strong tool to make a change for all women and girls in Europe and beyond. So join us by following us on social media, disseminating our factsheets and report, coming to our events and the activities of our members if you can! And happy 2015!

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Sign the petition against against the legalisation of school segregation in Hungary

From our members in Hungary

Posted on 28 November 2014

Sign the petition against against the legalisation of school segregation in Hungary

[Budapest, 28 November 2014] The Hungarian Parliament is about to vote on a bill next week (prepared by the Minister of Human Resources responsible for education, culture, health, social issues and equal opportunities, and Roma integration too, Mr Balog) which would make it his (the minister’s) sole right to exempt schools from the power of the antisegregation education law and the equal treatment law.

Racial or ethnic discrimination is prohibited in Hungary under Hungarian law (based on equal treatment and the promotion of equal opportunities legislation), and the European Union’s obligations (Racial Equality Directive). Over the past 10 years, court decisions ruled and numerous studies have supported that school segregation on the basis of ethnicity and socio-economic background to be illegal. Further it is proven that segregation has irreversible effects on children’s development, and their chances for the future.

The final judgment by the Court of Appeal of Debrecen, dated 6 November 2014, in the case of Nyíregyháza - Huszar settlement which reopened a segregated Roma school, ruled that it is forbidden to teach Roma pupils separately by reference to religious education. During the lawsuit Minister Zoltán Balog, who is also responsible for Education issues, repeatedly stated his position on his "affectionate support for segregation” and as a witness he stood by the segregators – the Greek Catholic Church. On the day of the verdict, the ministry in its communication promised to search for possibilities, that in similar cases, waivers could be applied to permit segregation.

Two weeks after the Nyíregyháza - Huszar judgment , the ministry proposed an amendment of the Public Education Act under paragraph (§ 27 (5) of Art.Z) that would authorize the government to determine in a decree, the waivers which could be applied to permit segregation in education.

If the proposed amendments would be voted and adopted without public consultation, the Government and the Minister will have the tools in their hands to legalize segregated remedial education.

It’s not just that it is in conflict with the Basic Law and other legislation, but this move goes against the promises of the National Social Inclusion Strategy, and creates the possibility that masses of children will be fully and finally excluded from mainstream society and denied the possibility of a secure future. The legalization of segregated education violates the dignity of the whole of Hungarian society and makes it impossible for all of our children to live together as equal citizens in Hungary.

Therefore, the signatories of this petition object to the adoption of the amendment and call on parliamentary decision-makers representing them to vote against this proposal!

Find the petition here

Petition by Hungarian Roma human rights NGO (CFCF)

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Help Save Prostituted Women in India! #Punishthepimp not the Women!

Posted on 11 November 2014

Help Save Prostituted Women in India! #Punishthepimp not the Women!

[New Delhi, India, 11 November 2014] Three million girls and women are trapped in prostitution in India. Most are between nine and thirteen years of age. The majority are from scheduled castes and backward classes-Dalits and OBCs. On average, they are raped by eight or ten customers a night for the profit of pimps.

The Chairperson of the National Commission for Women in India proposes to legalise prostitution in India. This means legalising the profiteers of the sex-industry and their customers, which in turn means allowing rape for profit of poor, low-caste, female teen-agers with impunity. It means making India a world magnet for sex trafficking.

Join Apne Aap in asking her to propose the punishment of their pimps and traffickers, brothel keepers, recruiters and transporters, with the penalizing of the buyers and the de-criminalizing of the women and children who are bought and sold.

Let us shift the blame and shame from the victim to the perpetrator where it belongs. Let us not legalise the sale of sexual violation. Sexual abuse is not a job. Sign the petition here!

Please tweet this hashtag: #punishthepimp

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Speak out for 5 October - International Day of No Prostitution

Posted on 3 October 2014

Speak out for 5 October - International Day of No Prostitution

[Montréal, 3 October 2014] The 5th of October is the International Day of No Prostitution. you can make your voice heard towards a world free from prostitution! Make a picture of yourself with #niclientnicomplice and #idontbuysex and post it on your social media, together with #HeforShe. Or send it to

The European Women’s Lobby and the Brussels’ Call support the campaign of the Canadian association CLES (Concertation des Luttes contre l’exploitation sexuelle) "Ni client ni complice" / "Neither buyer nor accomplice".


#brusselscall #endprostitution

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