EWL in-depth analysis reports provide a solid basis for policy advocacy on gender equality in Europe.

  • European Women’s Voice: Women’s Economic Independence in Times of Austerity

    [Brussels, 26 January 2015] The European women’s Lobby is launching the first publication of the year.
    Read about how women are affected by austerity measures around Europe and discover creative, feminist, economic models that can provide solutions.
    Gather your friend(s) and #PlayTheGame at the end of the publication to get an idea of the life of a women hit by austerity measures.
    Read it here:
    Download it (...) Read more

  • 18 myths on prostitution - In English, Spanish, French, German and Italian

    [Brussels, 27 January 2014] In the framework of its campaign ‘Together for a Europe free from prostitution’, and at the eve of a vote on a report on prostitution in the European Parliament, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has developed a leaflet answering to the most frequent assumptions on prostitution. 18 myths are therefore looked at from a gender equality and women’s rights perspective. From “It is the oldest profession in the world” to “We must combat trafficking, but prostitution has (...) Read more

  • European Women’s Voice ’Women in Decision-Making, Talent at the Top’

    This European Women’s Voice issue aims to contribute to a better insight in a gender equal and sustainable model for society in which equal sharing of political and economic power is a fundamental principle, translated into tangible policies and actions.
    The countries in focus are Croatia, Ireland and Italy. It intends to provide a stimulus for discussion on how women’s organisations can advocate for parity legislation and foster women’s participation on Boards.
    Women make up more than half (...) Read more

  • Women’s Watch 2012-2013

    pdf/women_s_watch_eng.pdfEuropean Women’s Lobby publishes feminist overview of women’s rights and gender equality in Europe!
    The European Women’s Lobby is pleased to introduce its latest publication Women’s Watch 2012-2013, a feminist overview of women’s rights and gender equality in Europe.
    This publication is the first of its kind – a genuinely feminist appraisal of the situation on the ground in 30 European countries with regards to women’s rights and gender equality, judged by the yardstick (...) Read more

  • 2013 EWL Barometer on Rape - Report

    The European Women’s Lobby is pleased to unveil its 2013 Barometer on Rape in Europe.
    Thanks to the work and expertise of the experts to the EWL Observatory on violence against women, the EWL has produced a strong policy document analysing the incidence of Rape in Europe.
    The Barometer is a very important tool to get a European overview of national actions on violence against women and compare European countries with regards to their commitment to eradicate such violence.
    In a year that (...) Read more

  • Ticking Clocks - Alternative 2012 Country-Specific Recommendations to strenthen women’s rights and gender equality in the Europe 2020 Strategy (September 2012)

    [Brussels, 11 January 2013] The EWL is pleased to announce the publication of the first edition of its “Ticking Clocks” report, which aims to provide input for the European Commission annual drafting of recommendations to the Member States in socio-economic policies. The report has been drafted with the input of the EWL’s member organisations and is the first of many as the EWL continues to monitor, assess and propose recommendations to strengthen women’s rights and gender equality in the (...) Read more

  • The Price of Austerity: The Impact on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Europe (Oct 2012)

    [Brussels, 14 November 2012] The findings of the EWL study, The price of austerity – the impact on women’s rights and gender equality in Europe , reveal that while austerity measures are hurting women, men, girls and boys across the European Union (EU), women are particularly hit the hardest. Because public sector employment and public services concern women to a far greater extent than men, any change in the public sector will impact on women more. Austerity measures that seek to reduce (...) Read more

  • European Women’s Voice - Her Future: Intergenerational solidarity from a gender equality perspective (April 2012)

    We are proud to share with you the Spring 2012 edition of the EWL’s magazine European Women’s Voice! This issue is dedicated to discussing intergenerational solidarity from a gender equality perspective and it is the EWL’s contribution to the ongoing European Year on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.
    Until now, gender equality issues have not been at the core of the European debate on active ageing and solidarity between generations. The third edition of the European Women’s (...) Read more

  • ‘Equal Rights. Equal Voices. Migrant women’s integration in the labour market in six European cities: A comparative approach’ (2012)

    [Brussels, 05 April 2012] Targeted national and local policies make a difference in integrating migrant women to the labour market, reveals a new study by the European Women’s Lobby and the European Network of Migrant Women. These policies include, among other things, developing efficient systems for recognition of qualifications obtained by migrant women in third countries and the possibility of top-up training opportunities for those lacking certain competencies.
    The study points out that (...) Read more


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