Raising awareness to end violence against women: successful campaigns

  • Raising awareness to end violence against women: successful campaigns

    In this section, we want to highlight the most successful campaigns aiming at preventing and combating the different forms of violence against women. Through video clips and posters, campaigns at European and national level are instrumental tools to raise awareness and foster societal and political change.
    You will find below campaigns on: Rape Domestic violence Trafficking Honour killings Prostitution Female genital mutilation Street Harassment Forced (...) Read more

  • Campaigns on rape

    Et pourtant c’était un viol
    « Stop au Déni » de l’Association Mémoire Traumatique et Victimologie (NGO), France, 2014
    We can stop it
    Police Scotland, 2014
    Not ever
    Rape Crisis Scotland (NGO), UK, 2010
    Rien ne devrait innocenter un violeur
    CVCF, France, 2012
    Viol : La honte doit changer de camp
    Campagne contre le viol (NGO), France, 2010
    Spot 1+2+3 "Campagne contre le viol" par campagne_contre_le_viol
    Spot 1/3 "Campagne contre le viol" par campagne_contre_le_viol (...) Read more

  • Campaigns on street harassment

    Hollaback! Brussels has the power to end street harassment
    Stop street harassment
    Stop Street harassment (NGO), International, 2011
    Stop Street Harassment PSA from Pascale Neuschäfer on Vimeo. Read more

  • Campaigns on Female Genital Mutilation

    End Female Genital Mutilation
    The Guardian, 2014
    Too Much Pain: the voices of refugee women
    UNHCR, 2014
    End female genital mutilation: Is Europe watching?
    Amnesty International (NGO), International, 2012
    Stop female genital mutilation now
    Stop female genital mutilation now (NGO), International, 2010
    Appell von Waris Dirie from STOP FGM NOW! on Vimeo. Read more

  • Campaigns on prostitution

    Stop Prostitution
    Le monde selon les femmes (NGO), Belgium, 2011
    Together for a Europe free from prostitution
    European Women’s Lobby (NGO), Europe, 2011
    Campaign against the prostitution english version from Black Moon productions on Vimeo.
    Child prostitution in India
    On human effect (NGO) International, 2010
    Ruhama, 2012 Read more

  • Campaigns on domestic violence

    This is abuse
    This is abuse (public institution), UK, 2010
    Domestic violence - isn’t it time someone called cut?
    Women’s aid (NGO), UK, 2010
    Violence Conjugale
    Ministry of Justice(Public institution), France, 2006
    VIOLENCE CONJUGALE campagne gouvernement français par ggrev
    Doll’s House Public Awareness Campaign
    Women’s Aid, (NGO) Ireland, 2009
    Atencion a victimas de malos tratos por violencia de genero
    Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (Public Institution), Spain, 2011 (...) Read more

  • Campaigns on human trafficking

    Abolishing injustice in the 21st century
    The A21 Campaign, (NGO), international, 2013
    Stop the Traffik
    Stop the Traffik (NGO), UK, 2012
    Together against trafficking in human beings
    European Commission (Public institution), 2012
    DNA Real Men Campaign
    Demi and Ashton Foundation (NGO), USA, 2011
    Love 146
    Love 146 (NGO), International, 2010
    Regional Anti-Trafficking Television Campaign for Middle East
    IOM (Public institution), Middle East, 2011
    Women for sale
    Women for sale, (...) Read more

  • Campaigns on forced marriage

    Mon marriage m’appartient
    Réseau Mariage et Migration, Belgique
    End Child Marriage
    Girls not Brides, global partnership of more than 300 civil society organisations from over 50 countries, 2013 Read more

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