AGORA young feminist summer school

4th edition of AGORA

[Brussels 13 September 2018] On the occasion of the 4th edition of our AGORA – Young Feminist Summer Camp (29 August to 2 September), we gathered a group of 40 brilliant and inspiring young feminists to work across borders and to amplify the feminist network in Europe!

This 5-day participatory summer camp aimed at empowering young women to be activist leaders in a changing world by giving them a space to share experience, knowledge and ideas whilst answering to the question: ‘How can we foster a stronger and truly inclusive feminist leadership to ensure we work in solidarity to shift mindsets and transform power?’. During the summer camp, the young feminists worked in a peer-learning stimulating environment and felt inspired to co-create new projects and campaigns. The participants also had the opportunity to meet several spaces created by grassroots activists in Brussels, such as, Le Poisson Sans Bicyclette and Le Space which offered amazing vegetarian food and inspiring radical speeches!

During the programme, the participants shared their experiences on Twitter with the summer camp’s official hashtag #AGORA2018 and opened the dialogue for the need of a truly solidary and inclusive young feminist movement guided by the motto of radical kindness!

Several participants wrote about their experiences and shared it on social media. Tamam Abusalama, a young feminist and activist from Palestine, wrote in her blog about AGORA: ‘I definitely was thrilled and lucky enough to be surrounded by intersectional feminists from all over Europe.’ To read the full article:

Sandra Athola, a Finnish young feminist and also a political expert on gender issues, wrote: ‘After spending five days together with 40 other feminists in the framework of an intensive and discussion-focused program, thoughts are many, long and unobtrusive. I am tired, happy, courageous and immensely inspired. It’s a lot I bring home, not least in terms of insights and new contacts from across Europe.’ To read the full article:

Another feminist activist Emma Rainey wrote a blogpost for our website. She concludes: ’What AGORA 2018 shows is that when a group of young badass feminists get together, we’re capable of building a movement that does exactly that.Read her blog here.

Also check out the blogpost by Shucheesmita Simonti: Compassion, Solidarity and having an inclusive safe space.

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The young feminists certainly left with the anticipated nostalgia that arises when leaving a space where meaningful connections and friendships are created, and the EWL couldn’t be more thrilled about this last summer camp and excited to follow and support the work of these amazing young women!

Check out some pictures of AGORA 2018 on our Flickr page!

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