6 Dec, Diyarbakir, Turkey

Kamer Foundation and all its centers in the region of Southeast and Eastern Anatolia will hold a series of meetings with the Governors of 23 provinces in order to raise awareness and sensitivity on the issue of rape and call for the adequate implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

The key messages of the Action Kit and the EWL Barometer on rape in Europe in 2013 will be provided in Turkish to the Governors. The meetings will be held between the 6th and the 10th December.

On the 6th December at 14:00, Kamer Foundation will hold the first meeting at the Governor’s office in Diyarbakir.

In order to prepare these meetings with the Governors, Kamer Foundation will hold a briefing with all representatives from its 23 Women Centers. They will share information and coordinate on the common messages to be given to the Governors in all the provinces.

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