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Acting against Youth Sexual Aggression and Victimisation in Europe

(Brussels 28 March 2013) European youth are calling the European Union (EU) and Governments to be more active in ensuring their human rights, fighting taboos around youth and sexuality and to include their participation in the decisions that impact their lives.

The conference on Youth Sexual Aggression and Victimisation (Y-SAV) in Europe, organized by Rutgers WPF, took place in Amsterdam from 26-28 April, bringing together some 75-100 experts, stakeholders and youth from Europe, to share knowledge and vision, and to discuss possibilities and priorities for action against YSAV.

The conference highlighted the need to deconstruct gender stereotypes, combating myths surrounding rape and sexual assault, ensuring sexual education at all levels and developing specific services for protection of youth as well as improving legislation. The results of a consultation in 9 countries on Youth sexual aggression were also presented, showing that, besides the disparities between countries, there is a general reluctance to talk about youth sexuality and that new challenges that accompany the rise of conservative morality and the use of social media.
Young people’s perspectives were prepared during a pre-conference youth forum on March 25 and a youth statement was presented at the conference

The European Women’s Lobby was represented in the closing panel with other representatives of EU NGOs and experts, focusing on advocacy priorities, the need to develop primary prevention and to include young people in designing and promoting campaigns.

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