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Australia: Voluntary industry code of conduct on body image

The Australian government aims to get the fashion, media and advertising industries to sign up to a code of conduct on body image.

body image aus pub According to the government publication, ’the Code outlines Principles to guide industries to adopt more body
image friendly practices. It encourages more diversity in the selection
of models, a wider range of clothing sizes in retail fashion, the use of
realistic and natural images of people, and disclosure when images
have been digitally manipulated.

It is an important call to action –
asking industry professionals to move
beyond a ‘business as usual’ approach
and to be open and innovative in
considering how the Code’s principles
can be applied in their work.’

1. Positive content and messaging

Use positive content and messaging to support the development
of a positive body image and realistic and healthy physical goals and
aspirations among consumers.

2. Diversity

Use a diverse range of people that are appropriate to their target audience.
When considering diversity, particular focus should be given to including a
range of body shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

3. Fair placement

Use advertising that supports positive and healthy body image behaviour.
Advertising that contradicts positive body image messages will not be used.

4. Realistic and natural images of people

Do not use digital technology in a way that alters images of people
so that their body shape and features are unrealistic or unattainable
through healthy practices.
Make consumers aware of the extent to which images of people have
been manipulated.

5. Healthy weight models

Use models that are clearly of a healthy weight.

6. Appropriate modelling age

Only use people aged 16 years or older to model adult clothes or to work
or model in fashion shows targeting an adult audience.

7. Fashion retailers supporting positive body image

Stock a wide variety of sizes that reflects demand from customers.

Please click on the image to download the full publication.

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