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Call for consultants to facilitate the European Women’s Lobby AGORA Feminist Summer Camp

[Brussels, 3 May 2018] In 2015 EWL organised its first ever summer school for young feminist activists: AGORA. We organised successful editions of Agora in September 2016 and 2017. AGORA brings together young feminists from across Europe to empower them to act and lead in a changing world. The summer school is based on open, participatory methods, with a large part of the programme self-defined and developed with participants.

At the AGORA in 2017, we welcomed 49 participants from 23 countries and 29 different nationalities. The programme was planned and delivered by 2 facilitators alongside 1 previous AGORA participant as apprentice facilitator. You can read more about the AGORA in the call for applications here, and find out about previous editions here.

Agora 2018

This year’s edition of the AGORA takes place in Brussels from 29 August to 2 September 2018. Through a 5-day programme, this participatory summer camp will create a space where young (self-identified) women (18-30) will have a chance to reflect, think, exchange ideas, support each other and work together to become confident feminist leaders and activists.

We are looking for a team of 2 facilitators to prepare and facilitate a programme for this year’s AGORA.

Tasks to be conducted by the facilitators or organisation

The AGORA process will be highly interactive, flexible and with creative and safe spaces for the participants to openly interact. Special attention will be given to the creation of a process that is partly facilitated externally and partly shaped by the participants themselves. It has to be noted however, that open spaces where participants are invited to shape the process themselves need to be consciously created and designed as such. This will lead to a lot of creative energy, deep connection, participation and interaction, as well as learning around the purpose and objectives as expressed by EWL. In this process, it is also essential to focus on creating a space where difficult conversations can take place in a safe and supported way. In addition, special attention will be paid to harvesting the important outcomes, conversations and ideas in creative ways for the participants and the EWL to build on during and after the process.

Overall, it will be a process that supports a diverse group of young women to share, collaborate, to be productive, to participate and contribute, and take away those insights and inspiration that suits them in their own context and empowers and supports them, as well as the EWL.

Find all information and how to apply and the timeframe in PDF here.

Please prepare a proposal of no more than 3 pages, answering all the questions listed on page 3 and explaining how you would carry out this work. The proposal should reflect the proposed framework and tasks for the facilitators as outlined above. It should articulate the number of days required for the activity and the daily rate. The proposal must be sent to the European Women’s Lobby, Stephanie Yates ( alongside the CVs of the key persons involved in delivering the work by 14 May.

Deadline for applications: 14 May 2018 (23h)
Selection of the facilitators: 16 May 2018
Agree precise work plan and contract: 18 May 2018

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