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EU Alliance for a Democratic, Social and Sustainable European Semester calls for the European Investment Package to be used to meet the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy

[Brussels 17 March 2015] The EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester calls for the European Fund for Strategic Investment – EFSI - (the so-called Investment Package) to focus on achieving the Europe 2020 targets, which include a reduction of poverty, a 75% employment rate for women and men by 2020, reduction in school-drop out, increase in energy efficiency and more investment in Research and Development.

The Alliance notes that the potential of the Europe 2020 strategy has been seriously undermined by a lack of clear political commitments to its goal and targets including Social Investment, Greening the Economy and Equality between women and men. Aligning the EFSI to Europe 2020 targets would demonstrate the EU’s commitment towards achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in which welfare, equality and sustainability at the core of an ambitious future-oriented EU policy that is close to its citizens.

For further information, see press release.

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