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EU Commission seeks citizens’ views on gender balance in corporate boards

[Brussels, 06 April 2011] Enforcing equal presentation of women and men in company boards is an option presented in the European Commission’s consultation paper on corporate governance.

The public consultation launched on 5 April addresses the ways in which corporate governance of European companies can be improved in order to make companies more ethical and more diverse.

The consultation covers a number of issues such as how to improve the diversity and functioning of boards of directors, and the monitoring and enforcement of existing national corporate governance codes, and how to enhance the engagement of shareholders.

The Commission seeks the views of citizens, organisations, and public authorities specifically regarding whether companies should be required to ensure a better gender balance in boards, and how this should be done.

The deadline for submitting contributions in response to the consultation is 22 July 2011.

You can find more information and the consultation documents from the consultation website.

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