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EWL Gender Budgeting Platform: A Tool to Channel Resources into Women’s Rights

On 22 June 2021, 14h30-16h30 CET, EWL will hold a launch conference for its gender budgeting platform, a tool to support women’s civil society and to demystify and better socialise gender budgeting across Europe. The event will be livestreamed here below and on our YouTube channel.

Gender budgeting is a method to address gender inequalities. It recognises that budgets impact women and girls’, boys and men’s lives differently and that women face specific obstacles resulting from the historical, traditional and stereotypical distribution of power and labour. “Doing business as usual” when it comes to defining public budgets often means perpetuating gender inequalities. Over the last three years, the EWL and our members have worked to demystify gender budgeting concepts through our Channelling Resources into Women’s Rights project. This project focused on facilitating the environment for broader adoption of gender budgeting through targeted capacity building opportunities for EU decision makers, the philanthropic community and women’s civil society; and will be concluded with the launch of EWL’s gender budgeting website.

This EWL’s unique platform aims to be an online knowledge, capacity and resource tool, in particular for women’s civil society but also to support other stakeholders in implementing gender equal budgets. In that spirit, the conference will also look into the implementation of gender budgeting in the EU today and will provide an opportunity to hear from representatives from civil society and the EU institutions on the need for such tools, their long term commitments to implement gender budgeting, their perspective on progress so far, and recommendations for the road ahead.

>>Visit the new EWL Gender Budgeting platform<<

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