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EWL Manifesto for the EU Elections 2024: Lobbying Kit

The 2024 EU elections are a chance for everyone to commit to achieving true democracy and push for equality between women and men. It is a moment where you can make your voice heard, including by being involved in the campaigning and voting.

It is an opportunity to make our Europe a place where women and girls in all their diversity enjoy equal rights and participation in every area and across all levels of society; where women are free from all forms of oppression and exploitation; it is a Europe that benefits the whole European society, not just women.

That is why the European Women’s Lobby calls on you to mobilise during the 2024 EU elections and to vote for feminist leaders. Leaders who share the values of democracy and equality!

Through this lobbying kit and its tools we invite EU citizens to join in on our 2024 EU elections campaign. Using these at your own surroundings, in your own country, you can multiply our efforts and help us ensure that women’s rights and gender equality are a critical topic of this campaign and put high on the political agenda of the next European mandate.
The Lobbying Kit is available in two versions:

It contains:

  • EWL’s Manifesto
  • EWL’s Campaign Pledge to (3 targets)
  • 3 Model Advocacy Letters on:
    • The Renewal of European Commission’s College of Commissioners (to Member States)
    • The Inclusion of women’s rights in programme/policy-making (to candidates)
    • The Equal representation of female candidates (to the media)
  • Social media campaigning tools (#s, handles, messages templates and visuals)
  • FAQ
  • Useful EWL’s publications

You can also find EWL’s Manifesto translated into 20 EU languages here.

We count on you! Together, let’s fight sexism and put women’s rights at the core of European policies to deliver on the European project of peace, democracy, inclusion, equality and solidarity!

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