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EWL holds Annual Conference in Hungary in support of women’s rights across Europe

[Brussels, 09 May 2012] Delegates from 30 countries representing more than 2000 European women’s organisations are due to meet this weekend in Budapest for the Annual Conference and General Assembly of the European Women’s Lobby.

Budapest was selected to host this year’s meeting in a sign of solidarity with the women of Hungary who are confronted with extremely adverse circumstances in their struggle for equal rights. A Statement from the Hungarian Women’s Lobby highlights these difficulties:

“It is alarming that Hungary scores second from last in Europe regarding the situation of women on the labour market, as well as in terms of leadership positions in political and economic life. This is certainly connected to the fact that according to attitude surveys, Hungarians are the most negative of all Europeans when it comes to gender equality.”

The situation for women’s rights and gender equality in other countries is dire elsewhere too. As noted by Brigitte Triems, EWL President, “The current multifaceted crisis impacts disproportionately on women, while at the same time the means of organisations who are working to support them are being reduced. Our meeting this year aims to define common strategies to counteract and avoid the worst of a backlash against hard-won advances for women in Europe.”

The crisis has nevertheless also provided a stimulus to policy makers and activists alike to develop and implement sustainable policies for equality. In the context of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the EWL’s 2012 Annual Conference will welcome experts in the fields of care economy, gendered pay and pension gaps, mentoring and diversity to provide a life-cycle perspective and stimulate discussions on how women’s organisations can turn generational differences into a source of energy and new vision. The conference will finish with the presentation of the EWL Manifesto on intergenerational solidarity from a gender equality perspective.


  • What: EWL Annual Conference
  • When: 11 May 2012 at 14:00-18:00
  • Where: Hotel Benczur, Benczur u. 35, 1068 Budapest, Hungary

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