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European Women’s Forum, Brussels 07-10 June 2018

This year, we are once again organising the EWL General Assembly and Board Meetings as part of the European Women’s Forum, hosting a number of events around our Statutory Meetings. The 2018 European Women’s Forum will start on 7 June and end on Sunday 10 June.

This year’s European Women’s Forum will focus on “Power”: women as leaders, today’s shifting power dynamics, our collective power and strength, and our power to shape the future of Europe. Power as a theme is particularly significant for us as we head into the European Elections in 2019, and we hold our own internal elections for the EWL Board, Presidency and Executive Committee on 9 and 10 June 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTE: read below for all the instructions regarding the programme, registration, travels and accommodation. Here are the key steps:

  • STEP 1: all nominated delegates must register online by 10 May.
  • STEP 2: once registered, send an email as soon as possible to our travel agent Sky Travel at with the information provided under point 4 below.


You can download the full programme here.

Thursday 7 June 2018:

  • Afternoon: Public event on Women (RE)shaping POWER (open to all EWL Members coming to Brussels for the European Women’s Forum, should they be able to travel on 7 June)
  • Evening: Dinner

Friday 8 June 2018:

  • Morning: Parallel Working groups meeting: Women in Politics and Feminist Economics (only for official members of these working groups, no substitute or observer allowed)
  • Afternoon: Meeting of the Board of Administration (only for current EWL Board Member, or her alternate should the Board Member be unable to attend)
  • Evening: Members’ dinner

Saturday 9 June 2018:

  • All day: General Assembly
  • Evening: Member’s dinner & party

Sunday 10 June 2018:

  • Morning: Meeting of the newly elected Board of Administration (only for newly elected EWL Board Members, or her alternate if the new Board Member cannot attend, and candidates for Presidency & Executive Committee)
  • Lunch time: meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee


Please click here to register for the 2018 European Women’s Forum.

Delegates to the General Assembly must have been nominated by their respective EWL member organisation to attend the General Assembly (2 delegates for National Co-ordinations and 1 delegate for European Wide Organisations as per Article 11.2 & 11.3 of the Statutes). For attendance to EWL established Working Group meetings, you must be a member of the specific Working Group (see more under point 5 below). Observers must also be nominated by their respective EWL member as per Art. 6 of the EWL Statutes and article 7.4 of the EWL Internal Rules (see more undet 6 below).

Every EWL Member attending the European Women’s Forum, in whichever capacity, must complete the online registration form here by 10 May. This helps us to ensure smooth running of all the events. Thanks!



This year, we are holding elections for the EWL Board, Presidency and Executive Committee. Please visit this page of the Members’ Forum (if you are registered) for all the information you need:

The elections will take place as follow:

  • The elections for the EWL Board of Administration take place at the General Assembly in Brussels on Saturday 9 June.
  • The elections for the EWL President and Executive Committee take place with the newly elected Board in Brussels on Sunday 10 June.


=> For delegates to the General Assembly, EWL can pay travel (up to 290 EUR max including airport transfers) and maximum 3 nights of accommodation (2 delegates for National Co-ordination’s and 1 delegate for European Wide Organisations as per Article 11.2 & 11.3 of the Statutes).
=> For Working Group Members who are not delegates, travels will be covered (up to 290 EUR max including airport transfers) and 1 night of accommodation on 7 June.

You need to complete the registration form and then contact our travel agent to book your travel by 10 May. If you book later than 10 May and the price is more than 290 EUR, we cannot guarantee that will be able to pay the additional costs and you may be asked to cover the difference yourself.

For delegates and Working Group Members - how to book your travel

To support us with our cost-saving efforts, you must book your travel via our travel agency Sky Travel as soon as possible. Please get in touch with Robert Badot at Sky Travel at robert[at] with the following information 9you can forward him the copy of your registration form):

  • First name and last name(s) as it appears on your travel document (Be careful, this needs to be the same as your travel papers otherwise your tickets will NOT be valid):
  • Attach a copy of your Identity Document or Passport used to travel:
  • Mobile number with international code:
  • Date and estimated time of arrival in Brussels:
  • Date and estimated time of departure from Brussels:
  • City departing from (closest airport or train station):
  • Type of transport (flight, train, bus):
  • Any special travel requirements:
  • Reason for travelling earlier or later than 7-10 June if requested ((you may have to pay the difference is it’s more expensive):

For Observers to the GA (once you have been confirmed), we invite you to book your own travel but should you wish to book via our travel agents, you can do this by following the instructions above and we will invoice you for the cost of the ticket.

4.1 Conditions

  • For GA delegates and Working Group members, EWL will arrange and pay for your travels to Brussels. EWL can cover your travels to Brussels for up to 290 € (including airport transfers). We are required to look for the most economical options of travelling, including low cost airlines and trains where possible.
  • Unfortunately our travel agent is not able to book your train ticket from Brussels airport to the city’s centre anymore.
  • You need to travel from and back to the same destination - we cannot, unless very exceptional circumstances, arrange for you to return to a different destination from where you departed and vice versa.
  • If you choose to arrive earlier or leave later, you are of course more than welcome to do this but you might need to cover the price difference in travel costs if there is one.
  • Our travel agent will look for all the options for you but if there are no travel options on the dates of the meeting for your destination, then EWL will take care of your accommodation for the extra night(s).
  • As we need to look for the most economical options, usually only cabin luggage is included and the tickets are not flexible (ie cannot be cancelled or changed).
  • If for any reason you have to cancel your trip, we are required to ask you for written explanations otherwise the amount spent risks going into non-eligible costs for EWL.

4.2 Original boarding passes/tickets

  • We need your original boarding passes and train tickets for both ways. You can give us your original boarding passes and train tickets when in Brussels but you must then send us your return boarding passes and tickets after the event - so please be careful with keeping these! This is European Commission requirement so it’s very IMPORTANT you do this.

4.3 Expenses

  • EWL is only able to reimburse expenses for public transport, including to and from airports. Taxis are NOT reimbursed except when no other travel method is available (for example for arrivals and departures between midnight and 6:00 in the morning). Travels in business or 1st class will NOT be reimbursed.
  • As per usual, no expenses can be claimed or paid without proof of expenditure and the original tickets, receipts, etc. and the completed expense claim form.
  • Expense for travelling by car can be reimbursed on the basis of the corresponding train fare to the destination - you will need to provide us with a map of your journey (google map is fine) and evidence of the corresponding rail fare (eg a print screen from the web page).
  • Meals and drinks consumed outside of those organised by EWL will not be reimbursed, including meals and drinks at the airport and during your flight or train itinerary.


We have booked rooms at the Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre for GA delegates and Working Group members. Your room will be booked based on your registration form. The hotel is located in the centre of Brussels and easily accessible by public transport (see more under 8 below).


  • Please note that due to our limited budget and the grant rules from the European Commission (our main funder), EWL is only able to pay your accommodation for the period you are in Brussels for the relevant EWL meetings/events, including relevant EWL Working Groups.
  • When completing the registration form, you must indicate whether or not you require accommodation and for how many nights. If you require additional nights at your own cost, please indicate this in the form and check the costs for additional nights in our ‘Estimated observers’ costs & other prices’ document. We will book these for you and invoice you for the additional nights. Note that additional nights in the hotel are subject to availability so if this is needed, please register ASAP.
  • You are very welcome to share a room with another EWL member - you can indicate this in the form when you register.
  • If you require double use of the room for someone who is not a GA delegate (for example if your partner is coming or an EWL observer shares a room with you), we will also invoice for the cost of this. Check the prices here.
  • If your place of residence is within 100 km from the Thon Hotel, unfortunately, following European Commission grant rules, we cannot cover your hotel nights.


There will be meetings of two Working Groups before the General Assembly, on Friday 8 June, from 09.30 to 13.00:

  • Feminist Economics Working Group
  • Women in Politics Working Group

As per the terms of Reference for both Working Groups, only nominated members of the Working Groups can attend the physical meetings and no substitute or observers are allowed. If you are a member of both groups, you will have to choose between one or the other meeting. You can check the list of EWL Working Group members in the EWL Members Forum Living Room.

Instructions and conditions:

  • If you are an official delegate to the General Assembly & a member of a Working Group (WG), you can proceed with completing the registration form indicating which Working Group meeting you are attending, and then booking your travels (see above).
  • If you are a member of an EWL established Working Group but you are not a nominated delegate to the GA, EWL will cover your travel to Brussels (up to 290 EUR max including airport transfers), your accommodation for the night of 7 June and related meeting costs. You also need to register using the online form.], and book your travels via our travel agents by following the steps under point 4 above.
  • Working Group members who are not GA delegates cannot participate in the General Assembly unless they have been nominated as observers by their respective organisation and then confirmed by EWL. They would then have to bear the costs for the additional night(s) of accommodation, meals & meetings costs as well as a participation fee of 100 EUR (see more under point 6 below).

If you have questions about arrangements for your working group, please contact your coordinator Daniela Pichler for Women in Politics and Mary Collins for Feminist Economics.


Observers are nominated by EWL full members and supporting members. Observers need to cover their own expenses (travel, accommodation, meals, meeting costs) and also contribute a participation fee (100 EUR), as per Art. 6 of the Statutes and article 7.4 of the Internal Rules.

All costs relating to observers are in the document here.

All Observers have now been confirmed and nominations are closed since 16 April.


The European Women’s Forum will open this year with a public event on Women (RE)shaping POWER on 7 June from 15.00 to 17.00 (with registration starting at 14.00) at the European Parliament. All the info is available here.

REGISTRATION: Members who are attending the European Women’s Forum as delegates, observers or working group members can register for the public event in our main registration form. They do NOT need to register via the eventbrite system. Thanks!


The Board Meetings, General Assembly as well as the Working Group Meetings will take place at:

Thon Brussels City Centre
Avenue du Boulevard 17, 1210 Brussels
+32 2 205 15 11
Nearest metro & tram station is Rogier (metro line 2&6 / tram line 3, 4, 25, 55, 88)
Nearest train station is Bruxelles-Nord/Brussel Noord/Brussels North

The Public event on 7 June will take place at The European Parliament.


We will be using the Living Room, our members’ forum, for all documents and relevant information pertaining to the 2018 General Assembly and Board Meetings.

Remember that we do not provide paper copies of documents for the GA or Board Meetings - they will all be available on the Living Room.

If you have not registered yet, please do so at and click on ‘Register’ button on the top right hand-side.


Stephanie Yates at EWL oversees the whole event but here are other key contacts:

For everything else, please contact Stephanie Yates at EWL. Bear in mind that during these busy times, if you have an urgent question, it’s best to call Stephanie on +32(0)2100423.

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