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Greece: EWL Greek Coordination speaks out against the devastating effects of austerity on women

[Brussels, 6 November 2013] The EWL’s Greek Coordination met with the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee (FEMM Committee) chaired by M. Gustafsson on the effects of crisis on women and gender equality in Greece. The head of the Coordination Mika Ioannidou stressed the need for urgent action as the austerity measures created what she called an ’explosive situation’ across the country. The unemployment rate among young women has risen to 65% and the gendered pay gap is up to 22%. Furthermore, the measures taken not only in Greece but also in other European countries severely compromised the existing social infrastructures for women including violence against women.

The Greek coordination participated yesterday in a high level open discussion with the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, Anni Podimata, Vice President of the European Parliament and the Greek Minister of Development, Kostis Chatzidakis on the situation and measures to be taken to boost growth especially in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and France.

Miss Ioannidou refered to the EWL study on the effects of the crisis on women, reporting that the effects of the economic and financial crisis have much higher and differential impact on women right across Europe. Recovery plans and structural adjustment programs have not integrated a gender perspective while austerity measures do not offer any sustainable solution to the crisis and have disastrous effects on people’s lives especially women’s lives.

Creating jobs especially for the young is urgently needed according to the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, as well as a more concentrated supervision of the banking sector to regain the trust of European citizens.

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