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-* L’entrepreneuriat féminin c’est bien ! Elle Belgique on our WEstart project
25 March 2016 by Béa Ercolini

Selon une étude du Lobby européen des femmes, les femmes sont plus nombreuses et plus créatives dans l’entrepreneuriat social. Ça vous étonne?...

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-* Ladies, united we lobby 19 April 2016
Strengthening women’s movements and creating alliances with other organizations. But also understanding the power within ourselves. The European Women‘s Lobby and its members set their mission straight, and the roadmap to achieving it. By Martino Pillitteri

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-* Bringing gender equality to Europe Vita International 6 September 2016 By Ottavia Spiaggiari

Joanna Maycock, Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), talks to Vita International about feminisms, Beyoncé and why compliance and austerity are the worst enemies of gender equality

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-* EWL Secretary General Joanna Maycock one of Politico’s women who shape Brussels 10 October 2016

"A powerhouse on the Brussels NGO and political scene, Maycock — head of the European Women’s Lobby — is in the vanguard of Brussels feminists, with an open line to leaders across the city. According to one of her peers, “She exercises influence and change even within structures where she does not have the hard power she has within the European Women’s Lobby.” Maycock contributes to broader discussions on how civil society can work differently to shape Europe."

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-* A constant need for vigilance Green European Journal
An Interview with Joanna Maycock, Secretary-General of the European Women’s Lobby 28 October 2016

"Although significant gains have been made in terms of gender equality for women across Europe, progress appears to have stalled in many areas and trends such as austerity and nationalism threaten those achievements that have been made. In this context, there can be no complacency among progressive citizens, politicians and parties. There is an urgent need to recognise and respond decisively to the gender dimension of turmoil resulting from Brexit, rising populism, rising inequality, and economic recession."

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Trump’s Win Has The Global Women’s Rights Movement Very, Very Worried Buzzfeed 9 November 2016 By Jina Moore

"We are deeply concerned about the election of a man who has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women and who is openly racist and xenophobic. Under Trump women’s rights and rights of minorities are under threat, and we must work harder than ever to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups,” the Brussels-based European Women’s Lobby said.

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-* City of Brussels set to honour killed British MP Jo Cox Guardian 19 November 2016 By Daniel Boffey

"Joanna Maycock, the secretary general of the European Women’s Lobby, an umbrella organisation of women’s associations supporting the initiative, said: “Jo was a close friend and exactly the kind of person that we want to see in politics: feminist, extraordinary, brilliant and fearless; motivated by a passion for women’s rights and social justice; and carries the conviction we can, and that it is our duty to fight for a safer, more just and egalitarian society.”

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-* Tired of the founding fathers? Let’s celebrate the women building Europe Euractiv 28 November 2016

"Gender equality is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable Europe that has the buy in of its citizens – and this includes women at the heart of all decision-making, write Joanna Maycock and Petros Fassoulas."

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-* NGOs call for better protection for female refugees in Europe Equal Times 16 December 2016 by Marina Watson Pelaez

"Women’s rights organisations are pressuring the EU to change its approach. In June, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) partnered with the WRC to launch #WomensVoices, a campaign to raise awareness of the situation facing the women and girls in Europe who are fleeing conflict."

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