International Youth Day

The stories of four young feminist advocates from Portugal

[Brussels, 16 August 2022] Each year on 12 August, we mark International Youth Day – an opportunity for the world leaders and society as a whole to draw attention to issues concerning young people worldwide.

As the largest umbrella of women’s organisations in Europe, the European Women’s Lobby is once again using this occasion to highlight the work of its members. The struggle to achieve a just, prosperous and feminist Europe requires dedication, passion and a strong will to create space for the next generation of feminists, and the following stories from four young women from Portugal show how big of an impact these efforts can accomplish.

Catarina Borges | REDE - Jovens Pela Igualdade

Catarina is a Project Officer working for REDE, a feminist youth organisation. Her work focuses on combatting image-based sexual abuse. Learn more about Catarina’s work in the video below!

Diana Pinto | PPdM - Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights

Diana is a Project Officer at the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, EWL’s coordinator for Portugal. Learn more about her current project, Sustainable Democracy Builders.

Maria Faustino | PPdM - Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights

Maria is a Project Manager of De Viva Voz II - a project aiming to record the stories of feminist struggle and experiences of generations of feminist in Portugal. Learn more about the amazing project in the video below.

Sofia Jesus | REDE - Jovens Pela Igualdade

Sofia is a Project Officer working on political and civil empowerment of young women at REDE, a feminist youth organisation from Portugal. Learn about her current project "From Women to Women" in the video below.

This article is a part of the International Youth Day 2022 series. For more stories about young feminist engagement from EWL members, please visit this section of our website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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