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Migrant women workers - interview with Charito Basa of the Italy-based Filipino Women’s Council

The work of migrants working in Europe, the Middle East and North America contributes greatly to the economies both the origin and destination countries. These workers often have to endure harsh working conditions in their receiving countries in order to cater for their families’ basic needs.

By Kathambi Kinoti

Recently, in New York, an important piece of legislation was passed that will enhance the rights of domestic workers – many of whom are migrants. Generally, though, neither legislation nor policies adequately cater for migrant workers or address the gendered dimension of their exploitation. Amnesty International recently highlighted the case of a Sri Lankan minor who was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for allegedly murdering a baby in her care. The international rights watchdog has pointed out serious procedural flaws which it says should warrant a reversal of her conviction and sentence.

AWID spoke with Charito Basa of the Italy-based Filipino Women’s Council about the situation of female migrant workers – most of whom are domestic workers - in Italy. [...]

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