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OECD publishes findings on Wellbeing and Gender in 2013

[Brussels, 14 November 2013] The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released the second edition of How’s Life? The report measuring wellbeing in 2013.

In a chapter called Gender Differences in well- being: Can women and men have it all? A range of topics are addressed that look at gender inequality and wellbeing across the lifetime of women and men, unpaid work, and the role of women and men in society.

The report suggests that gender does not seem to play a key role in life satisfaction, but highlights clearly the challenge in reconciling women’s advancement in education with the under-representation in fields that provide greater career opportunities. Women are said to have a greater life expectancy than men but are ill more often, and while their presence in the labour force may have grown, they still earn less than men, spend more time in unpaid work and encounter more obstacles to reach the top of the career ladder or start their own businesses. Women are also the primary victims of domestic and intimate partner violence, and statistics reveal that half of all female homicide victims were killed by a family member.

Find the report here

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