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Open letter to the EU Heads of State and Government ahead of the 29-30 October Brussels European Council

Is democratic representation of both women and men too much to ask for in 21st Century Europe?

Dear European Heads of State and Government,

We, representatives of more than 2500 women’s organisations from across the 27 European Union (EU) Member States and three EU candidate countries, write to remind you, our representatives, of your democratic duty to ensure that women are represented in the highest levels of European governance.

It will be an exciting moment when you, as our elected leaders, will make public nominations for some of Europe’s most prestigious and powerful posts. On 29-30 October, you will discuss the members of the new Commission and candidates for the so called “EU top jobs”, namely the potential first ever President of the Council of Ministers and the incoming EU foreign policy chief. The people you choose will have the power to shape the future of Europe, our countries and our individual lives in significant ways. We therefore trust that the power we as citizens have placed in your hands will be used wisely, to nominate people who represent all of us, and work for all of our interests, including the half of us who are women. Already, the President Elect of the new Commission is a man, and the President of the new Parliament is likewise. Will there be a 50/50 gender balance in the new European Commission and will any of the four top posts be held by a representative of the other 50% of European citizens?


EWL Board Open letter on EU Top Jobs PRESS RELEASE 26 10 09

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