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Progress towards gender equality: the Council of Europe strategy for 2014-2017

[Brussels, 12 March 2014] The Council of Europe has recently adopted a Gender Equality Strategy for the period 2014-2017.

The overall goal of the Strategy is to achieve the advancement and empowering of women and the effective realisation of gender equality in Council of Europe member states.

The Strategy sets five strategic objectives:

  • Combating gender stereotypes and sexism;
  • Preventing and combating violence against women;
  • Guaranteeing Equal Access of Women to Justice;
  • Achieving balanced participation of women and men in political and public decision-making;
  • Achieving Gender Mainstreaming in all policies and measures.

The Strategy emanates from an unprecedented mobilisation in the Council of Europe through its new Transversal Gender Equality Programme.

It presupposes that all Council of Europe decision-making, advisory and monitoring bodies should support and actively contribute to its implementation.

The Committee of Ministers has invited the Gender Equality Commission to follow closely the implementation of the Strategy and asked the Secretary General to report annually on progress achieved.

strategie du conseil de l europe pour l egalite entre les femmes et les

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