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Prostitution: men’s word

[Brussels, 18 July 2013] Bettina Flitner photographed for 10 days in the brothel «Paradise» in Stuttgart/ Germany. The men, between 21 and 73 answered – and posed for the photos on the beds. Here are their words...

«Why I pay for sex? Women are often a pain in the ass.
They stress me when I haven t got enough time for them.
If I want to fuck I go here – and I leave. That s it. A girlfriend
often bores me after a short time. And to pay for sex has that
certain something. You own the woman. You can do want you
want with her. That is power. My last time? I come to the brothel every six weeks. Sometimes I have sex with the same woman sometimes with another. I like it a bit harder no vanilla sex.»
Christian, 23, forwarding merchant, single

«My first time in a brothel was four years ago. A date means
a lot of stress and time. In a brothel everything is more
relaxed no lies and no illusions. I can speak honestly I am
single and I don t hurt anybody. I like women with black hair
and brown eyes but no Asian women. I don’t like them at all.
There must be a kind of sympathy between me and the woman
then she also likes it. Sometimes they look at their watch when
you enter the room then you are often fed up.»
Dung, 28, junior manager of a restaurant, single

«I need much sex. It excites me to have always new women.
I also go to swingers clubs. But there are often old and ugly
women. Sometimes I book a woman from an escort agency.
My type? Black or pale skin. Mulatto or from Latvia. No silicone
breasts and no injected lips. I don t like women who are too
professional I prefer the ones who make it only sometimes.
My last time is one week ago. She said that is was the best
sex ever. 50 Euros. Business as usual. The price-performance
ratio is good here.»
Guenther, 55, divorced, pub owner, 1 son

«Why I go to the brothel? I would never get women like these
here. And I can overstep the limits here. For example anal
intercourse I wouldn’t have the heart to ask a normal woman
to do it. Costs 100 Euros extra. I don’t like the very young
and very thin girls. They can have normal breast and a little
belly a womanly shape. Since three years I have sex with
the same woman twice a month. My last time? Last week.»
Kai, 49, bank employee, divorced, 2 children

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