UN Women’s Representative (UNWR) 2014 Netherlands has been selected!

Theme 2014: violence against women, esp. sexual violence
De Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad ( NVR) presents former chief editor of national Women’s magazine ‘Opzij’, Margriet van der Linden, as the UN Women’s Representative (UNWR) 2014 to the General Aesembly of the United Nations. Na haar benoeming door de Minister of Foriegn affairs she will be part of the governmental delegation to the General Assembly of the UN to address the UN member states on behalf of Dutch Women in a seven minute statement.

Her theme for this statement is: violence against women, esp. sexual violence. In order to prepare her statement, she will consult stakeholders and women in the Netherlands on their experiences and stories. Margriet van der Linden: ‘it is an honour for me to address the UN on behalf of Dutch women on such an important and sensitive subject as sexual violence against women.’

As of the origins of the United Nations in 1945, every year a Women’s Representative is part of the Dutch govenrmental delegation to the General Assembly of the UN. The Netherlands is unique and leading in the world. De UN Women’s Represntative is selected and coached by the Dutch Council of Women (Nederlandse Vrouwenraad (NVR)).

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