Violence contre les femmes

European Women’s Lobby Strategic Aim 2: To put an end to all forms of violence against women and girls and promote a society of peace, human dignity.

This aim has been operationalised into two concrete objectives:
• By 2020, the EU and all MS have ratified the Istanbul Convention, and the monitoring mechanisms have helped to reduce all forms of VAW.
• By 2020, the EU has adopted or is in the process of adopting a directive on prostitution & sexual exploitation, and new member states have adopted the Nordic Model on prostitution while there is a broader awareness of prostitution as an obstacle to equality between women and men.

The European Women’s Lobby produces monitoring publications and lobbying materials on various aspects of violence against women in Europe, with support of the experts of the EWL Observatory on violence against women.

EWL work on violence against women is in line with the EWL Charter of Principles adopted in 2007, reiterated in EWL 2016 factsheet on violence against women, and aligned with the EWL Position paper “Towards a Europe Free from All Forms of Male Violence against Women” adopted in 2010.


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